IPP> Job-URI discussion

IPP> Job-URI discussion

IPP> Job-URI discussion

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Sep 9 21:04:03 EDT 1997


One of the arguments in favor of Job-URI has been that the HTTP
redirect can be used if the job is moved.  However, why can't server
notification be used when a job is moved.  The client can indicate
an interest if the job is moved as a job event and can update its
tables with the new location?  So notification would be an alternative
for allowing jobs to move even if we didn't have job-URI for jobs.

I'm still catching up on this job-URI vs. job-id debate and have not 
formed a final opinion.


At 13:06 09/09/97 PDT, Jim Walker wrote:
>I personally feel that the Job-URL (sic) is the *only* way to go.
>>From my persepective, any solution that associates a job with a
>specific printer is immediately broken.  The existing URL model
>can be supported in my existing client environment, whereas the
>proposed <printer-URL, job-ID> model would be a severe obstacle.
>In our environment, a job is an object in and of itself; it may
>be easily moved from one printer to another.
>so there...
>Jim Walker <walker at dazel.com>
>System Architect/DAZEL Wizard
>DAZEL Corporation, Austin, TX

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