IPP> September Meeting Minutes

IPP> September Meeting Minutes

IPP> September Meeting Minutes

papowell at astart.com papowell at astart.com
Tue Sep 23 15:28:34 EDT 1997

>            SECURITY

>            There are reserved port numbers for TLS & SSL on HTTP (port
>            443)

>            TLS is backwards compatible with SSL3.  Actually TLS is
>            SSL3.1  The TLS I-D describes how to support SSL3
>            interoperability.

>            The group then discussed wording choices for stating the
>            security protocol requirements (SSL3, TLS, etc.)  There were
>            four wording alternatives explored:

>            1) IPP Client/Servers must implement TLS with SSL3
>                compatibility
>            2) IPP Client/Servers shall be interoperable with a TLS
>                communicant
>            3) IPP Client/Servers must be TLS compliant.
>            4) #2 above plus "with SSL3 backward compatibility"

>            Decision: #1 with some section talking about a transition to
>            TLS.

I will note carefully that this closely follows the model of having
different ports for different protocols.  Note that TSL/SSL actually are
HTTP over TSL and HTTP over SSL.  We are similarly doing IPP over HTTP.

Should this be the same port or a different port?


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