IPP> MOD - new model document posted

IPP> MOD - new model document posted

IPP> MOD - new model document posted

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Wed Sep 24 02:51:36 EDT 1997

I have posted a new version of the model document.  It is dated
9/26 (so I got it done early ....)


It is not really ALL done.  There are outstanding action item issues from
people who promised to send me text for the document.  Some things
like security, directory are just mostly done.  I am looking for some help
on these from the experts.  References still need some fixing up.  I didn't
through all the Printer object vs instance of vs IPP Printer stuff yet

I have to miss the 9/25 teleconfernce call, so I will look for minutes. 
Remember, NO NEW FEATURES.  

I tried to go through ALL the issues from Atlanta, so I would appreciate
of places where I forget stuff or inconsistencies.

Best thing for comments is line numbers on the NO REV marks PDF file.


Scott A. Isaacson
Print Services Consulting Engineer
Novell Inc., 122 E 1700 S, Provo, UT 84606
V: (801) 861-7366, (800) 453-1267 x17366
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