IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference on 971001

IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference on 971001

IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference on 971001

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Oct 7 18:44:59 EDT 1997

Here are the minutes of what was discussed in the PWG IPP Phone Conference
on 971001:

Participants: Carl-Uno Manros
              Tom Hastings
              Ira Mcdonald
              Dave Kellerman
              Randy Turner
              Ron Bergman

Most of the discussion centered on a few remaining issues and omissions in
the latest draft on Model & Semantics:

- Relationship between Job-name and Document-name

Suggested to add back "document-name" as an operation attribute, mainly to
make it easier to map from older implementations that often generate
"job-name" from "document-name".

Tom Hastings to write up suggested text.

- It was pointed out that URIs that go into the HTTP protocol heading in
the Protocol document do not get mentioned at all in the Model document.
Suggested that they be described as operation attributes in the Model
document and that the Protocol document then explains that they are mapped
to HTTP headers rather than operation attributes.

Tom Hastings to write up suggested text.

- It was previously possible to find out the number of documents in a
multiple document job by checking for multiple values in the
"document-name" attribute. As this was removed, this is not possible any
more, so we have lost that functionality.  It was suggested to remedy this
by introducing a "number-of-documents" attribute on the Job object.

Tom Hastings to write up suggested text.

- New discussion about what scheme to support if print-by-reference is
implemented. A counter proposal to Carl-Uno's proposal earlier on the DL,
which was to make all optional, was to mandate FTP to be implemented with
option to support others.  The Carl-Uno suggested attribute
"reference-uri-schemes-supported" as a Printer object attribute would be kept.

Carl-Uno to write up suggested text.

- We need to write up the text for the IANA registry  for application/ipp,
and probably include it as an annex in the Model document.

Ira to draft the text.

- Discussion on the DL between Ira, Larry Masinter, and Ned Freed has made
it obvious that we need to do further work related to internationalization
of text strings in MIME.

Tom and Ira to come back with proposal (has been posted to the DL).

- We need to state somewhere in the conformance statement text that all IPP
Printers (servers) MUST support UTF-8 encoding (but can support others as

Ask Scott to include.

- Patrick Powell has again suggested that we specify an additional port to
be used by IPP.  After discussion it was suggested to accept Patrick's
proposal with the following conditions:
1) The alternative port should be used if not the default port (80) for
HTTP is used.
2) unless the security protocol used, SSL3 or TLS, requires a special port
3) it is recommended to use the alternative port number (516), which must
be present in the published Printer URI.

Carl-Uno to write up text.

- Suggrested to change the name of "time-of-pending" attribute to
"time-of-creation" and fix up some of the semantics. The background is that
the DPA defines "time-of-pending" differently than IPP; the name change
would make it clear that they are not the same.

Tom to write up text.

- The decision from Atlanta about language tags does not yet seem to be
implemented in the Protocol document. Synchronize with Model document.

Bob to check.

- The fact that you can use either Job-URI or Printer-URI + Job-id does not
seem to be reflected in the Protocol document yet.

Bob to check.

Carl-Uno suggested that we still need to check about consistency between
the latest version of the Requirements document to see if all requirements
(except the ones that we have declared out of scope) are now covered by
solutions in Model and Protocol documents.



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