IPP>PRO latest protocol document

IPP>PRO latest protocol document

IPP>PRO latest protocol document

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Oct 22 22:30:28 EDT 1997

I have just downloaded the latest protocol document to:


The files are:

     ipp-pro-971022.doc            MS Word 6 with no revision marks
     ipp-pro-971022.txt            text file with no revisions marks
     ipp-pro-971022-rev.doc        MS Word 6 with revision marks

I expect these changes are the last before the Boulder meeting next

The revisions are for the following issues:

   Peter Zehler's request for clarifications with no changes to protocol

   Changes for notification removal -- none

   Changes for charset and language: description of text, examples, table
     of attributes for operations.

   bug fix:  I found that the naturalLanguage type couldn't be used with
     both the value of the attribute attributes-natural-language and
     to override one attribute value because in the former case the 
     value stands alone and in the latter case it combines with the
     following text or name value. So I added a naturalLanguagePrefix
     type into the old slot for 'language' type which should have been
     removed in the last edition when 'naturalLanguage' was added. 

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