IPP> MOD - ISSUE: Make "page-range" multi-valued

IPP> MOD - ISSUE: Make "page-range" multi-valued

IPP> MOD - ISSUE: Make "page-range" multi-valued

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Oct 23 13:38:04 EDT 1997

In reading Steve's document processing note, I realized that Windows (and DPA)
allows more than one page range to be specified in a single (document)
print job.

[I've already passed on to Scott the typo that the data type is
'rangeOfInteger', not rangeOf integer' in the table and the heading,
so I've assumed that change here.]

1. To capture that same functionlaty I suggest that we change the
heading from:

4.2.14 page-range (rangeOfInteger)


4.2.14 page-ranges (1setOf rangeOfInteger)

2. Also the Job Template table would need to be changed from:

page-range            No            page-range-supported 
(rangeOfInteger)                    (boolean)


page-ranges            No            page-ranges-supported 
(1setOF rangeOfInteger)              (boolean)

3. By the way, the description in 4.2.14 (soon to be renumbered with
notify-events and notify-addresses being deleted), last sentence
refers to the "page-range-default" attribute always having a value of
zero (0) meaning that the default is always the entire document.

I suggest that we delete that sentence, since a 0 isn't a valid value
for a rangeOfInteger, and the table says "No".  Or Change the sentence

The page-range-default value is zero (0) and indicates that all pages of
the document will be printed if a page-range is not specified.


There is no "page-ranges-default" attribute.  If the "page-ranges" attribute
is not supplied, all pages of the document will be printed.



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