IPP>PRO corrected protocol document

IPP>PRO corrected protocol document

IPP>PRO corrected protocol document

Robert Herriot Robert.Herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Thu Oct 23 22:44:44 EDT 1997

It appears that ftp truncated 16 bytes off one file and 18 off of another
even though I remember using binary mode. The files were both corrupted
at around byte 60,000

So I have downloaded new files, which at least have the correct byte count.
I removed all the old corrupt files.

They are in:


The files are

      ipp-pro-971023.doc       MS Word with no revision marks
      ipp-pro-971023-rev.doc   MS Word with revisions marks
      ipp-pro-971023.txt       text with no revision marks

The revisions are with respect to the October 14 release.

The changes are:

The revisions are for the following issues:

   Peter Zehler's request for clarifications with no changes to protocol

   A minor typo in the grammar.

   Changes for notification removal -- none

   Changes for charset and language: description of text, examples, table
     of attributes for operations.

   bug fix:  I found that the naturalLanguage type couldn't be used with
     both the value of the attribute attributes-natural-language and
     to override one attribute value because in the former case the 
     value stands alone and in the latter case it combines with the
     following text or name value. So I added a compoundValue value-tag
     type whose value specifies the number of following "values" that
     form a compound value. A name with a Canadian French override 
     would consists of 3 "values": a compoundValue whose value is 2, 
     a naturalLanguage whose value is "fr-CA" and the name value.
     (This solution is slightly different from the one I put in yesterday's
      version, but this is a more general solution that offers extensibility
      for things like a charset override.) 

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