IPP> ADM - Subjects for discussion in Boulder

IPP> ADM - Subjects for discussion in Boulder

IPP> ADM - Subjects for discussion in Boulder

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Oct 27 14:14:22 EST 1997

Subjects for discussion in Boulder:

My assumption is that the Model and Protocol documents are still not quite
ready to initiate the WG last call from and that priority ONE is to make
sure we get any remaining comments reviewed, so that we can get the "final"
draft version of the documents out and start the last call some time next

Other subjects, which we decided to leave out from Version 1.0 or other
left overs are:

1) The Mapping document to LPD/LPR
2) Asynchronous Notifications
3) Document level attributes
4) Dictionary Syntax
5) IPP use of TLS (when that spec gets frozen)
6) IPP prototyping/interoperability testing

We need to come up with a recommendation whether we still want to do some
of these things before wrapping up the IETF WG at this stage.

I am down with a cold today, but still expect to drag myself to the Boulder
winter landscape tomorrow. 

Who came up with this schedule in the first place? Isn't Boulder a place to
be visited in the summer (unless you are a skiing fan)?


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