IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971105

IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971105

IPP> ADM - Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971105

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Nov 5 20:09:08 EST 1997

Minutes from PWG IPP Phone Conference 971105

Attending: 	Harry Lewis
		Ron Bergman
		Randy Turner
		Carl-Uno Manros
		Tom Hastings
		Peter Zehler
		Xavier Riley
		John Wenn
		Ira Mcdonald
		Stan McConnell
		Scott Isaacson

The following topics were discussed:

Comments on minutes from Boulder

How to perform checking that the sender of a Cancel-Job operation is the
same as the job initiator. It was concluded that the responsibility for
this is in the IPP server, which might use a simple user name or a more
elaborate user certificate to establish the identity (depending on security
level used). The attribute "originating-user-id" has been intended for
this. this can contain non-printable information. It was concluded that
this is really a hidden atribute which the server uses internally and hence
can be deleted from the IPP specification. Some text explaining this should
be added instead.

Another discussion was held on the use of SSL3 negotiation. Some
conclusions oiut of that discussion was: All IPP communication over HTTP
will be using the URI scheme "hhtps". Alias names can be given to printers
using some other schema e.g. "http', but in such cases the server would
refer the user to the real "https" URI before the actual IPP protocol
exchange starts. The latter is really an implementation matter and does not
need to go into the standards text. It was suggested that we do not specify
use of "https", or any other URI scheme in the Model document (but in the
Protocol document) apart from in examples. Randy also wanted to mandate use
of SSL3 (later TLS) in the Model document. There was not full agreement
about this.

Some concerns were raised that not all current Web server implementation
supporting SSL3 also support null framing only, and that hence only some
serevers could be used for IPP if we mandate the SSL3 framing. Some further
discussion with vendors is needed.

Randy promised to have his proposed security changes out to the DL before
the end of the week. At this stage is unclear whether it is meaningful to
make that text into a I-D or just consider as a proposal against the
planned "last call" texts.

Carl-Uno stated that he will hold off the request to AINA for a port number
until we know for sure what the security details will be.

It had been discovered that the atribute on "page-ranges" needs some
further text to explain how it behaves for multi document jobs. Tom will
try to improve the text.

Scott joined in towards the end of the conference and confirmed that he and
Tom were still doing some editing on the Model document, but that it should
be ready to send to the IETF this week. It is assumed that Bob is working
to the same schedule. No news where Steve Zilles stands with the update of
the Rationale document.

Carl-Uno pointed oput that he has started the final call for the
Requirements and the LPD Mapping documents today (both have been available
as drafts for some time). 

Ira commented that he had found some atribute name differences compared to
the latest Model draft. He will submit these differences in response to the
"last call".

We expect to have the next call same time next week.

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