IPP> MOD - new model document 971107

IPP> MOD - new model document 971107

IPP> MOD - new model document 971107

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Fri Nov 7 19:29:46 EST 1997

I have posted a new Model document.  This is going to the IETF I-D
secretariat as draft-ietf-ipp-model-07.txt which replaces not just
draft-ietf-ipp-model-06.txt but draft-ietf-ipp-dir-schema-01.txt and

The files are:


Tom and Bob have spent many hours in the last week going over this.   Thanks
to Tom for his online, editing help.  This
is the document that we want to use for the WG last call for comments before
sending it off to the IESG for their last call for comments.  Look for the
IETF I-D announcement on draft-ietf-ipp-model-07.txt and then Carl-Uno will
send out the mail message on this mailing list about starting the last call.

Significant changes since 971021

1. Added MANDATORY "containing-printer-uri" Job Description attribute, so a
client can get to the Printer given just the Job URI.
2. Changed the status code name from
'client-error-unsupported-document-format' to
'client-error-document-format-not-supported' to agree with all the other
'xxx-not-supported' status codes.
3. Printer object MUST accept and store all natural languages, whether
supported or not.  Never return an error, so behavior is the same whether
"ipp-attribute-fidelity" is 'true' or 'false'.
4. Printer object always rejects a "document-format" that is not supported,
even if "ipp-attribute-fidelity" is 'false'.  Therefore, moved
'document-format' from Job Template to operation attribute on Create
operations and Send-Document/Send-URI operations and added
"document-format" and "document-formats-supported" to the Printer object.
5. Added "requesting-user-name" operation attribute to all operations and
as a Job Description attribute and removed "job-originating-user-id" Job
Description attribute.  Its an internal matter of how to store a principle
certificate in a Job object for authorizing.
7. 'uriScheme', 'charset', and 'naturalLanguage' are all lower case to
simplify compare, even though the registrations are case-insensitive;
'mimeMediaType' remains case-insensitive.
8. Added a 0 value to "number-up" to turn off all embellishments.
9. Added "my-jobs" operation attribute to Get-Jobs, so that a user could
request his/her jobs or all jobs (default).
10. Added "copies-collated-default" instead overloading "copies-default"
depending on the Printer object's "multiple-document-handling-default"
11. Indicated the effects of "multiple-document-handling" on "page-range"
12. IPP objects return submitted attributes and values that have problems,
not the substituted values. Client can query the Job object to see what is
ignored and what is substituted.  Needed this simplification to handle
cross attribute conflicts.  This simplifies returning the Unsupported
Attributes because what is returned is the same whether
"ipp-attribute-fidelity" is 'true' or 'false'.  Added
'successful-ok-conflicting-attributes' and
'client-error-conflicting-attributes' status code for those implementations
that want to support validation of conflicting attributes.
13. Read Section 15, because the algorithms have been significantly added
to and clarified.
14. Security statements softened from "MUST use SSL3/TLS to "if a secure
communcation channel is needed, then use SSL3/TLS"  Randy's document
did not make it in - needs to be reviewed separately.


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