IPP> Minutes of IPP Weekly Conference call - Nove. 12, 1997

IPP> Minutes of IPP Weekly Conference call - Nove. 12, 1997

IPP> Minutes of IPP Weekly Conference call - Nove. 12, 1997

Roger K Debry rdebry at us.ibm.com
Thu Nov 13 08:54:49 EST 1997

Participating in the call were:  Ron Bergman, Harry Lewis, Xavier Riley=
Tom Hastings, Steve Zilles, Randy Turner, Bob Herriot, Ira McDonald,
and Roger deBry.   Steve Zilles moderated the call and Roger deBry
took minutes.

Everyone is urged to read through the latest versions of the IPP intern=
dratfs and comment on issues for the last call. Issues will be collecte=
and be part of the agenda for the December PWG meeting in L.A.

Xavier Riley discussed his email outlining two approaches to handling
security for IPP. There was a lot of good discussion on this topic with=

the following agreement:

1) We will have two URI's, distinguished by the scheme (http and https)=

2) We will have two attributes in the model document, and in the direct=
     to store these: Printer-URI and Secure-Printer-URI.
3) The implementation of http 1.1is mandatory.
4) The implementation of TLS/ SSL (associated with Secure-Printer-URI)
      is optional.
5) The implementation of Printer-URI and Secure-Printer-URI attributes
     is mandatory.
 6) An administrator must be able to configure the security options.
7) If Printer-URI has been "turned-off" by the administrator, a query
     will return "no-value".
8) If Secure printing is not implemented or has been turned off by the
     adminsitrator, a query of Secure-Printer-URI will return "no-value=
9) If a client somehow derives a URI and tries to connect and the
     service (e.g. Printer-URI) has been turned-off, an appropriate
      http error code will be returned.
10) If a printer supports both secure and non-secure printing,
       it will be recommended that administrators make the address
       portion of the URIs for secure and non-secure printing the same
       to make things easier for the end user.

Randy agreed to take the action item on suggested writeup of this
agreement for the model and protocol documents. He will work with
Scott and Bob on this.

Randy asked whether or not we should plan on an IPP bake-off
during the PWG meeting set for Portland in April. He wanted to make
the necessary room arrangements if there was interest in this. Most
felt that an electronic bake-off over the internet would work better, a=
this was generally agreed to.

Bob Herriot raised the issue discussed in his email having to do with
handling operation attributes. He wanted to be sure that there was a
graceful way of handling (future) unsupported operation attributes,
thus avoiding a lot of major version changes. It was agreed that this
was a good idea.  Section 15.3 of the model documents needs to
be modified to provide a generic description covering all operations
and the agreement on operation attributes. Bob Herriot took the
action item to make the suggested changes. Tom Hastings agreed
to assist.

Carl-Uno asked Steve to get the Rationale document sent to the IETF.

Carl-Uno asked that the text for the application/ipp mime type be poste=
to the discussion list for reading and approval by the group.

Roger K deBry
Senior Technical Staff Member
Architecture and Technology
IBM Printing Systems
email: rdebry at us.ibm.com
phone: 1-303-924-4080

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