IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

IPP> Is that it?/ A tome from home

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
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I think this is exactly the goal we had in mind for IPP.  If the user has
do something really different to print to an IPP printer then we have
failed.  For the Windows user, finding the printer and its URL (read:
WEB address), installing it and then printing to it should simply pressing
the PRINT button or icon.  The solutions in the non-Windows space
may be different but for the readers of this article in a general
circulation newspaper, computer equals Windows/Intel.

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Some say that any press is better than no press, right?  ;-)
This statement, however, needs to be publicly debunked by
the IPP group so that public expectations don't blow up in
our faces:
>  The Internet printing protocol (IPP) will make
>  it possible to print out documents by locating its Web address
>  and simply pressing the "print" button.
There will be some implementations that might allow for this level
of simplicity, but doesn't it seem a bit dangerous for us to
let people think this will be the defacto norm?
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