IPP> A free IPP test suite to be available!

IPP> A free IPP test suite to be available!

IPP> A free IPP test suite to be available!

Jay Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Dec 9 13:23:07 EST 1997

Just a few final words on this subject.

Carl-Uno Manros wrote:

> You might be horrified to learn that Steve Zilles also handed out
> documentation and said a few words about Adobe's Job Ticket's, which is now
> public information on their web site.

Adobe (via Steve Zilles) was not explicitly trying to sell anyone
anything.  (At least not directly... ;-)  Btw, it would have been
great if the actual URL on this topic was listed in the minutes.

> Jay, my impression is that we are talking about sour grapes here, you are
> just kicking yourself that you decided not to come to the meeting, in which
> case I am sure that the discussion of this subject would have taken much
> more time from the rest of our agenda.

Well, you're just plain wrong on this one, Carl-Uno.  It's too bad
you feel this way.

Look, my point is this.  An IPP test suite is important to ALL
of us, whether we are a customer or a vendor of such a suite.
If the PWG desired to entertain discussion of this topic, then
it should have been formally listed in the agendas of one or
more PWG projects.  That way people like Chris Wellens and other
host-based software vendors could have had the chance to be at
the discussion to witness all the comments first-hand, rather
than get a real-view-mirror statement as documented in the minutes.

As most everyone knows by now, I'm all in favor of business-based
discussion in the PWG (as long as we don't step on the IETF's toes
in the process).  However, any and all such discussion should be
done on a level playing field, and not to the sole benefit of a
single vendor.  That's all.


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