IPP> PWG conference

IPP> PWG conference

IPP> PWG conference

Carl-Uno Manros cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Dec 11 17:41:42 EST 1997

At 09:47 AM 12/11/97 PST, Brendan Galten wrote:
>     I'm new to the mailing group and am looking for some more 
>information about the January 26th-30th PWG conference.  A number of 
>people from my company may be interested in attending.  Also has any kind 
>of agenda been discussed.  Sorry if I'm rehashing old news.  I would 
>appreciate any help that is offered.
>Brendan Galten
>RBI Software Systems
>bgalten at rbi.com


The IPP meeting is only one of several meetings organized by the PWG that

Current plan is to meet a full day on January 28th for IPP. As we expect to
have all our drafts out for review by the IESG by then, the main subject
for the January meeting will be concentrated on testing and implementation
of IPP.


for meeting logistics.


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