IPP> TES - sharing binary IPP trace files

IPP> TES - sharing binary IPP trace files

IPP> TES - sharing binary IPP trace files

Zehler,Peter pzehler at channels.mc.xerox.com
Mon Dec 15 15:35:56 EST 1997

  For anyone wishing to share a trace of IPP requests and responses A
directory for that purpose has been created on the PWG server under
new_TES.  the directory is called "traces".  Catchy name eh?
Each file contains a single IPP request or response.  The filename will
tie request to response and multiple request/responses into a
"conversation".  Carl Kugler has uploaded a couple of files there so you
can see an example.  When I get some time I will post an example of an
extended "conversation".  If you have any problems uploading the file
send it to me and I will se it gets uploaded.

A catalogue of the files will be maintained.  To facilitate this some
   1) The filename will be CCCCORSS.trc
      a) CCCC is a unique "conversation" number.  This is a sequence of 
         numbers and case insensitive characters.  The conversation
         number does not change through the duration of your trace.
         is if you are showing an IPP Get_Jobs based on some specific
         jobs, the request/responses for the multiple Print_Job and
         Get_Jobs would all share the same "conversation" number.  The
         three fields in the file name will differentiate the traces.
      b) O is the hexadecimal number for the operation.  The value  can
         determined by examining the operation field in the IPP request.
      c) R is used to indicate a request or response.  An 'A' indicates
         request.  A 'B' indicates a response.
      d) SS is the sequence number.  Each IPP request/response in a 
         conversation is uniquely sequenced by a monotonically
         number.  It does not matter if the number starts at 0 or 1.  

   2)  The following information must be sent to me so I may update the
      a. the person posting the trace file
      b. contact information for that person(email address)
      c. the unique sequence number for the conversation (CCCC)
      d. the filenames
      e. the name of the operation(s) (O)
      f. which are requests and responses (R)
      g. the date
      h. a comment about the intent of the operation request 
         or response, such as "submitting a job with fidelity 'false'"
         "intentional invalid request, expecting a
         rejection" or "rejection response of


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