IPP> Attributes

IPP> Attributes

IPP> Attributes

Scott Isaacson SISAACSON at novell.com
Tue Dec 16 14:42:00 EST 1997

As I went back and re-read this it did sound a little confusing.  I'll see
if I can fix it up a bit.  Let's see if I can summarize here:

1. The status code is sent back in a special place in the header of the
response.  It is not an operation attribute.

2. The OPTIONAL (for an IPP object to return in the response) status message
is an operation attribute ("status-message" (text)) that is returned in the
operation attributes group.

3. In each of the Response sections where I say "Status Code and Message" I
will change that to just Status Message (and still point back to 3.1.4) to
describe the semantics of a status code vs a status message and their
relationship.  Each of the individual operations will not talk about where
or how the status code is returned (that is a protocol spec issue).

4. The newly added shows that "status-message" is an operation
attribute but the status code is not.  That section will stay the same.


>>> "steve gebert Dept:ecg SN:579517 Div:ISM Ext" <smg1 at vnet.IBM.COM> 12/16
9:47 AM >>>
Perhaps someone can clear up a confusion I have here. In the model
document I find "Status-Code" under section Print-Job Response
given as being in Group 1, an Operation Attribute. However, in the
protocol document "Status-Code" is treated as a distinct entity. It
is not treated as an Operation Attribute, as it is transmitted before
an operation-attribute tag (this tag signifying the beginning of all
operation attributes). There seems to be a contradiction here.
Can someone explain this to me. Thanks, Steve Gebert

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