IPP> Attributes

IPP> Attributes

IPP> Attributes

Tom Hastings hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Dec 16 13:31:17 EST 1997

It is a little confusing, since the status code is indicated as
being in group 1 in the Model, along with the OPTIONAL "status-message",
and MANDATORY "attributes-charset" and "attributes-natural-language",
but the status code is always returned as a two octet value in the
protocol, so it really isn't really an operation attribute returned in
group 1.

One way to think of it is that the status code is a operation attribute
that is mapped in the protocol document to the fixed place in the protocol
(and there is no "status-code" keyword returned, only the two-octet value).

We probably need to clarify this in both the Model and Protocol documents.


At 08:47 12/16/1997 PST, steve gebert Dept:ecg SN:579517 Div:ISM Ext wrote:
>Perhaps someone can clear up a confusion I have here. In the model
>document I find "Status-Code" under section Print-Job Response
>given as being in Group 1, an Operation Attribute. However, in the
>protocol document "Status-Code" is treated as a distinct entity. It
>is not treated as an Operation Attribute, as it is transmitted before
>an operation-attribute tag (this tag signifying the beginning of all
>operation attributes). There seems to be a contradiction here.
>Can someone explain this to me. Thanks, Steve Gebert

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