IPP> HTTP 1.0 usage in IPP 1.0

IPP> HTTP 1.0 usage in IPP 1.0

IPP> HTTP 1.0 usage in IPP 1.0

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Mon Oct 12 15:31:22 EDT 1998

I would, in fact, recommend the opposite approach -- try 1.1 first and fall back
to 1.0 if 1.1 fails.


Babak Jahromi <babakj%microsoft.com at interlock.lexmark.com> on 10/12/98 02:55:49

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cc:   Weihai Chen <weihaic%microsoft.com at interlock.lexmark.com> (bcc: Don
bcc:  Don Wright/Lex/Lexmark
Subject:  IPP> HTTP 1.0 usage in IPP 1.0

IPP implementers,

Given that there are proxies out there that may not handle HTTP 1.1 well, we
would like our IPP 1.0 client to try HTTP 1.0 first, and then switch to HTTP
1.1 if the first attempt fails.

Before we implement that, I would like to get a consensus on what others are
planning to do:

1) Are most people planning to support HTTP 1.0 also?
2) If not, how are you going to fail HTTP 1.0 requests?

Babak Jahromi,

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