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IPP> Chunked POST

IPP> Chunked POST

Michael Sweet mike at easysw.com
Thu Dec 17 12:49:15 EST 1998

Carl Kugler wrote:
> ...
> I think that's a good solution for the short term, but in the long
> run I think the httpd should be part of the platform infrastructure,
> not something that has to be written and installed again for each
> HTTP application.  Call me a dreamer;  I haven't given up on the
> Grail of modular software and code reuse.

Well, it's a good dream, but I know from experience that N UNIX
varients will have N*N solutions to the same problem... :)

We're not holding our breath that all UNIX vendors will standardize
on a single HTTP server.  We *are* hoping to provide a standard
printing system that all can use, tho...

> ...
> I just think it's likely that vendors that deploy IPP are likely to
> have other uses for an http server in the Printer.  Especially in an
> embedded environment, it's a shame to have to put in redundant
> implementations.
> ...

That's not what I meant - some vendors already have HTTP servers,
and those can be extended to support IPP (HP already has done this,
for example).  Others haven't done HTTP servers but will have to
implement something if they care about IPP at all...

For vendors just getting started with HTTP and IPP, they'll have to
start with someone's code and port it, or write their own server.
NIC-based HTTP servers have to be small and not rely on disk files,
so the number of available servers to port/copy is pretty small.
In the end I think most printer vendors will have to roll their own

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