IPP> Question about Job Template Attributes

IPP> Question about Job Template Attributes

IPP> Question about Job Template Attributes

Carl Kugler kugler at us.ibm.com
Tue Jul 21 11:23:28 EDT 1998

> Hi folks,
> In the Job Template Attributes there are attributes
> that can be a type3 keyword or a name (job-hold-until,
> job-sheets, and media).  As I read the spec, these
> attributes are usually type3 keywords but can optionally
> be changed at the printer to a name type.  Is this
> correct or did I miss something in the spec?

My understanding, based on my reading of the spec and questions I've asked here in the past:

Those attributes can be typed, and tagged as any of the following:

0x36	nameWithLanguage
0x42	nameWithoutLanguage
0x44	keyword

In general, an IPP Object may send any one of the three types, and must accept any one of the three.  However, for any 'name' attribute in the request that is in a different natural language than the value supplied in the "attributes-natural-language", the sender must use the nameWithLanguage form.  Type 3 keywords have standard, registered values.

If the wrong type is sent in a request, according to MOD section 16.4.3, the response should be 'client-error-request-value-too-long'.  Quote:
    "IF NOT any single 'keyword' or 'name' value less than or equal to 255 octets, REJECT/RETURN 'client-error-request-value-too-long'.")
> My question is how does an IPP client know which
> type to send?  If the wrong type is sent, what should
> the expected reply be?
> Regards,
> Rajesh


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