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One item in draft-ietf-ipp-ipp-scheme-00.txt that I believe is not
  consistent with HTTP/1.1 - my apologies for not noticing this
  earlier.  Discussing how to construct the HTTP headers when sending 
  via a proxy, the draft says:

>  When an IPP client sends a request via a proxy, such as
>  "", to an 'ipp' URL, such as
>  "ipp://", it MUST open a TCP connection
>  to some port (8080 in this example) on some proxy ("" in
>  this example) with the following headers:
>     POST   HTTP/1.1
>     Host:

  The latest draft (and I don't think this language is new) for 
  HTTP/1.1 in section 14.23 Host:

>> The Host request-header field specifies the Internet host and port
>> number of the resource being requested, as obtained from the original
>> URI given by the user or referring resource

  The Host is not used to specify the proxy - the proxy is not specified
  anywhere in the headers that I can find - the client just sends the
  request there.

  The correct value for the Host header field in the example above
  would be '', which may make the example the same as 
  the one above that is direct to the IPP server - which would be right.

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