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I've editorially updated the paper that Roger, Bob and I have developed 
last Spring on the 'collection' attribute syntax.  If we have time at the
upcoming meeting in Toronto, we'd like to review it.  I put it into a
new sub-directory, entitled: new_COL.

Proposed Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 Extension
'collection' attribute syntax
(11 pages)

Here is the abstract:

Status of this Memo:

This document is a PWG Working Draft.  It proposes an OPTIONAL extension
to the IPP/1.0 Model and Semantics document [ipp-mod].  There are some
issues in Sections 4.1, 5, and 7.  This attribute syntax will be registered
with IANA after approval by the WG and after IPP/1.0 has been 
published as RFCs.  We may want to publish it as an RFC as well.  This 
attribute syntax had originally been named 'dictionary'.  We agreed to 
change its name to 'collection' in [ipp-pro], since the member attributes 
are not ordered, typically.  [ipp-pro] has reserved the tag value code 
0x34 for 'collection'.  Some future extensions, both registered and 
private, will make use of this new attribute syntax.


   This document specifies a new attribute syntax called
   'collection'.  A 'collection' value is itself a set of
   attributes, called "member" attributes, that are grouped together
   as the value of an attribute.  The member attributes may be
   SINGLE-VALUED or MULTI-VALUED (1setOf).  An attribute that uses
   the 'collection' attribute syntax may be SINGLE-VALUED
   ('collection) or MULTI-VALUED ('1setOf collection') as well.

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