IPP> e-Print Test Suite Beta (0.3) available

IPP> e-Print Test Suite Beta (0.3) available

IPP> e-Print Test Suite Beta (0.3) available

Rajesh Chawla rajesh at trcs.com
Sun Sep 6 15:23:47 EDT 1998

This is to announce the free availability 
of the second beta release of the e-print 
Test Suite at http://www.trcs.com.

The e-print Test Suite is an IPP client that 
facilitates the testing of printers that
implement the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). 

There are several sample scripts that can serve
as a basis for testing for the upcoming IPP
bake-off.  These sample scripts will be enhanced
and expanded by the time of the bake-off.

The e-print Test Suite is built
on the framework of the e-print Engine. 
The e-print Test Suite provides the
IPP server developer essential tools to 
aid in the development and testing
of IPP printers. 

The capabilities of the e-print Test Suite

    o Uses an XML interface to drive the ePrint
        Test Suite.
    o Allows reproduction of tests by providing 
        a file interface to store tests.
    o Allows attributes to be specified that are 
        not part of the IPP standard.
    o Allows the output of one request to "feed" 
        the input of another request.
    o Provides the ability to specify "expected" 
        values from a request.
    o Allows the specification of valid or invalid 
        values to be sent to the IPP server.
    o Written entirely in Java.
    o Full tracing of requests and replies.

For more information or to download a copy of the
beta software, please visit our website at 
http://www.trcs.com or e-mail Rajesh Chawla
at rajesh at trcs.com.

Rajesh Chawla                                       TR Computing Solutions
(703)724-2533 (Voice)                            13622 Flintwood Place
(703) 904-9689 (Fax)                              Herndon VA 20171

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