IPP> ipp architecture.

IPP> ipp architecture.

IPP> ipp architecture.

debecker at lexmark.com debecker at lexmark.com
Wed Sep 30 17:02:21 EDT 1998

>    i am new and (asked to) work on ipp architecture implementation.
>Upon reading the model and semantics draft, I have the following queries
>to make.
>    1) What is the interface defined/required between the Ipp server/
>print service ?

The IPP model doesn't have the concept of an "IPP Server".  There is only an IPP
Printer object, which logically consists of a network interface and one or more
output devices.  Physically, an IPP Printer object could be a PC with an
attached printer, or a dedicated print server with attached printers, or a
printer with an embedded network print device.  Refer to Section 2.1 of the IPP
Model and Semantics document for a more complete explanation.

In short, the interfaces between the various physical elements which make up
your logical Printer Object are up to you.

>    2) The functionality of print servicem ?
>    3) What is/are the interface between the print service and the
>device ?

The required and optional functionality of the IPP Printer object are well
defined in the Model document.  Again, there is no concept of a separate print
server and print device; they are viewed as a single IPP Printer object and any
interfaces internal to that object fall outside the scope of IPP.

>    4) Directory service ( which the draft tells is out of scope of
>document .).  Is there an essential requirement to implement LDAP.


-Phil DeBecker
debecker at lexmark.com

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