IPP> Keyword/Name matching

IPP> Keyword/Name matching

IPP> Keyword/Name matching

Harry Lewis harryl at us.ibm.com
Thu Oct 1 19:32:32 EDT 1998

In Savannah, we weren't sure about one of Carl's questions. He has elaborated
as follows...

The MOD doc says:

Some attributes are defined as 'type3 keyword | name'.  These attributes
support values that are either type3 keywords or names.  This dual-syntax
mechanism enables a site administrator to extend these attributes to legally
include values that are locally defined by the site administrator.  Such names
are not registered with IANA.
Example:  job-hold-until (type3 keyword | name (MAX))

Printer administrator configures Printer such that (1setOf type3 keyword |
name)"job-hold-until-supported" contains two values:
(type3 keyword)'second-shift' and
Client request [with "attribute-fidelity" = (boolean)true] contains
"job-hold-until" attribute with value (name)'second-shift'.

Does the Printer reject the request and return "job-hold-until" attribute with
value (name)'second-shift' in the unsupported attributes group?  Or does it
accept (name)'second-shift' as a match for (type3 keyword)'second-shift' and
accept the request?


Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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