IPP> Unsupported 'requested-attributes' quest

IPP> Unsupported 'requested-attributes' quest

IPP> Unsupported 'requested-attributes' quest

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Tue Oct 6 11:36:33 EDT 1998

I think we are all in agreement here.  What is confusing is seemingly two
contradictory things about our encoding:

1. A separate value tag is associated with each value.
2. The value tag comes before the attribute-name keyword.

However, because each successive value of a multi-valued attribute has an
attribute-name keyword of zero length, a separate value tag is really
associated with each separate attribute value.


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See my comments under,

>> My opinion is that the second proposal must be the right solution
>> I.e.
>> >attr-tag=value-tag-keyword
>> >attr-name='requested-attributes'
>> >attr-value='printer-info'
>> >attr-value='printer-location'
>> Then we have a consistent. When the requested attribute is
>> 'requested-attributes'
>> and the values e.g are 'printer-info' and 'printer-location', then I
>> the IPP Printer should return the value it doesn't support. The same
>> behavior as other
>> attribute with unsupported attributes.

>In general, I agree that this is the right solution.  However, I'm
concerned about the example >given.  I don't know what language it's in,
but in IPP the syntax tag is applies to an individual >attribute value, not
a whole attribute.  So it should be rewritten as

>    attr-name='requested-attributes'
>    value-tag=keyword
>    attr-value='printer-info'
>    value-tag=keyword
>    attr-value='printer-location'

I don't understand your concern about the language, because the values of
the 'requested-attributes' is of the type 1setOfKeyword. A value with a
'keyword' type must
be in en-us language and ascii character set. In the above example the
response would
in details looks like,



> In Savannah we agreed that in the operations get-job-attributes,
> and get-printer-attributes, if the 'requested-attributes' attribute
> contains values specifying attributes not supported by the printer, the
> printer SHALL return status code
> 'successful-ok-ignored-or-substituted-attributes' and MAY return these
> attributes in the 'unsupported-attributes' group.  My question is, if the
> printer chooses to list the attributes as unsupported in the response,
> which of the following formats should it use (suppose the printer doesn't
> support 'printer-info' and 'printer-location'):
> attr-tag=value-tag-unsupported
> attr-name='printer-info'
> attr-value=NULL
> attr-tag=value-tag-unsupported
> attr-name='printer-location'
> attr-value=NULL
> - or -
> attr-tag=value-tag-keyword
> attr-name='requested-attributes'
> attr-value='printer-info'
> attr-value='printer-location'
> -Hugo

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