IPP> uRl CAse iSsUE

IPP> uRl CAse iSsUE

IPP> uRl CAse iSsUE

Carl Kugler kugler at us.ibm.com
Thu Oct 8 12:27:48 EDT 1998

Sounds reasonable to me.

paulmo at microsoft.com on 10/07/98 01:59:34 PM
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I would add the recomendation that implementations avoid creating URLs for
differnt printers that differ only in their case.

I.e. dont have Printer1 and printer1 as two different printers.

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 Ron Bergman

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Harry Lewis wrote:

> THiS IS abOUT As fAR As i WOUlD gO wiTH anY REcomMendAtiOn reGARding CasE
> SensiTIVitY in ThE IMPleMeNtoRS GUiDe...
> " IPP client and server implementations must be aware of the diverse
> uppercase/lowercase nature of URLs. RFC xxxx defines URL schemes and Host
> as case insensitive but reminds us that the rest of the URL may well
> demonstrate case sensitivity. When creating URL's, where the choice is
> completely arbitrary, it is probably best to select lower case however,
> cannot be guaranteed and implementations MUST NOT rely on any specific
> type in the URL beyond the URL scheme and host name".
> Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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