IPP> NLO votes

IPP> NLO votes

IPP> NLO votes

Maulik Desai mdesai at auco.com
Wed Oct 28 10:28:34 EST 1998

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paulmo at microsoft.com on 10/27/98 06:16:38 PM

To:   ipp at pwg.org
cc:    (bcc: Maulik Desai/AUCO/US)
Subject:  IPP> NLO votes

Can somebody please state what the proposed changes are. I have tried to
find the orginal proposal somewhere in the mail threads and cannot.

I will remind peole that we voted to that ipp1.0 was done other then the
issues we raised at the bake-off. This was not raised then or in savanah.
Functioning interoperable implmentaitons can be built using the current
spec. What suddenly changed?

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