IPP> MOD -(vote clarification) NLO 3 of 4: Vote to simplify Get-Jobs

IPP> MOD -(vote clarification) NLO 3 of 4: Vote to simplify Get-Jobs

IPP> MOD -(vote clarification) NLO 3 of 4: Vote to simplify Get-Jobs

Robert Herriot robert.herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Wed Oct 28 21:02:06 EST 1998

Re: elimination of the paragraph defined below (from Section of
Response) so that attributes-natural-language is no longer used as a 
language override in a Get-Jobs response.

In today's teleconference, we decided that we could not make a well informed 
decision on this issue without test results from the IPP implementations. Xerox
hopes to have a test suite by next week that we can use to test this feature.

We can eliminate the feature from IPP 1.0 if 

      a) test results show that no implementation supports the feature, or if 
      b) the implementors of those implementations that support the feature are

          willing to eliminate the feature.

If some implementations must continue to support this feature, then a 
fallback is to change the "MUST" in the paragraph below to a "MAY" for IPP 
1.0.  Then servers are allowed to omit support of this feature, but clients 
must be able to process Get-Jobs responses with this feature. This change 
does not invalidate any implementations that follow the June 30 specs.
However, it does change the intent, and becomes the first step in deprecating 
this feature


Currently, Section Get-Jobs Response contains the following 

For any job submitted in a different natural language than 
the natural language that the Printer object is returning in the 
"attributes-natural-language" operation attribute in the Get-Jobs response, 
the Printer MUST indicate the submitted natural language by returning the 
Job object's "attributes-natural-language" as the first Job object 
attribute, which overrides the "attributes-natural-language" operation 
attribute value being returned by the Printer object. If any returned 
'text' or 'name' attribute includes a Natural Language Override as described 
in the sections and, the Natural Language Override overrides 
the Job object's "attributes-natural-language" value and/or the 
"attributes-natural-language" operation attribute value.

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