IPP> ADM - Brief minutes of IPP telecon, 10/28/1998

IPP> ADM - Brief minutes of IPP telecon, 10/28/1998

IPP> ADM - Brief minutes of IPP telecon, 10/28/1998

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Oct 28 21:51:17 EST 1998

Attendees:  Shivaun Albright, Maulik Desai, Lee Farrell, Tom Hastings, Bob
Herriot, Swen Johnson, Harry Lewis, Ira McDonald, Hugo Parra, Pete Zehler


1. Voting on simplifying natural language override mechanism
2. Issues
3. SLP Printer schema
4. Jini

1. Simplifying the natural language mechanism

Shivaun questioned why we were voting on simplifying the June drafts, since
we agreed that they were the stable specifications.  After some discussion,
we agreed that the only reason to agree to changing the specifications is if
no one was actually implementing the natural language override parts
completely as specified.  There was the suspicion that it is so complicated
that implementations wouldn't really interoperate and are not quite
implementing the complete spec.  However, we didn't want to make any changes
that adversely impacts correct implementations, at least not without their
consent and agreement to change their implementations.  That is why we were
doing a vote, yes or no, so that we could make sure that we heard from
everyone.  We didn't want to assume that silence on the mailing list meant

Finally, we agreed that we need the test scripts for each implementer to see
whether his/her implementation really does follow the June specifications.

ACTION ITEM (Tom Hastings, Swen Johnson): make the scripts available that
test the natural language override mechanisms for the June draft and the
proposed simplification.  The test system will need to be re-released as

We also agreed that if we can't agree to the natural language
simplifications, because some implementations do it correctly and they are
willing to change, then there is a fallback of softening the June
requirements to recommendations.  The fallback suggestions were:

NLO 3 of 4 - change the June draft for Get-Jobs natural language override at
the job level from MUST to MAY

NLO 4 of 4 - change the June draft for senders (client requests and printer
responses) to SHOULD use textWithLanguage and nameWithLanguage, but continue
to require receivers to accept either the WithLanguage or the
WithoutLanguage forms.

ACTION ITEM (Bob Herriot):  Send out the fallback proposals to each vote as
separate messages.

2. Other Issues

No other issues were raised.

3. SLP

3.1 Several SLP documents being progressed to the IESG Last Call

Ira McDonald indicated that SLP v2 has several documents forwarded to the
IESG for Last Call.  One was the V2 Protocol,  another was the Server
Schema, and the third was to go with IP V6.

Bob Herriot pointed out that the Protocol document indicated that the
attribute names were intended to be translated into other languages and each
such translation registered with IANA.  There was strong consensus in the
IPP people that this was a serious mistake, since the language translation
should be done by the client and the attribute names should be in English.

ACTION ITEM (Ira McDonald):  Send out pointers to these documents and the
correct mailing lists to send comments during an IESG Last Call, including
the srvloc mailing list.

ACTION ITEM (all): Review these documents and send comments to the
appropriate IESG mailing list, srvloc mailing list, and ipp mailing list.

ACTION ITEM (Bob Herriot):  Obtain the SLP slides and make a presentation at
the next IPP meeting in Tucson, November 11 or 12.

3.2 Printer Schema specification

Ira has been working with the SLP chair on the printer schema which is
intended to cover IPP, LPD and Salutation. 

Harry Lewis pointed out a difference in the "duplex-mode" vs. "sides"
attribute between Salutation and IPP and that the SLP Schema specification
has picked up the Salutation terminology, not the IPP.

ACTION ITEM (All):  Review Ira's latest draft for the SLP 'printer:'
template.  It will be on the agenda for next week's telecon, so please send
comments to the IPP mailing list before hand.

4. Jini

Bob Herriot pointed out that Jini incorporates a lot of SLP and other
directory stuff for a Java environment.  The Jini demos always include
printers as an example.  Looks like something for the PWG to be aware of
and make comments.

ACTION ITEM (Bob Herriot):  Find a Jini person that could either make a
presentation to us at the Tucson PWG meeting, or make a set of slides
available that Bob could present.

Tom Hastings
(310) 333-6413

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