IPP> MOD - NLO 2 of 4: Clarification that Nat

IPP> MOD - NLO 2 of 4: Clarification that Nat

IPP> MOD - NLO 2 of 4: Clarification that Nat

Carl Kugler kugler at us.ibm.com
Wed Nov 4 10:57:29 EST 1998

> And if we allow redundant job-level NLO, what if the client is requesting
> "attributes-natural-language"?
> A current implementation that we are testing the scripts with, returns
> "attributes-natural-language" twice
> with the same value (which our scripts reject).  
> Issue 1.52 is asking
> whether returning two "attributes-natural-language" is conforming or not.
> If we agree it is, we will change our scripts.

MOD 3.2.6 "Get-Jobs Operation" says 

  "This operation is similar to the Get-Job-Attributes operation, except that this Get-Jobs operation returns attributes from possibly more than one object...", 

and MOD 3.3.4 "Get-Job-Attributes Operation" says

 "Since a client MAY request specific attributes or named groups, there is a potential that there is some overlap.  For example, if a client requests, 'job-name' and 'job-description', the client is actually requesting the "job-name" attribute once by naming it explicitly, and once by inclusion in the 'job-description' group.  In such cases, the Printer object NEED NOT return the attribute only once in the response even if it is requested multiple times.  The client SHOULD NOT request the same attribute in multiple ways."

So I think returning two "attributes-natural-language" is conforming.

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