FW: IPP> ADM - Results of voting on the NLO Issues

FW: IPP> ADM - Results of voting on the NLO Issues

FW: IPP> ADM - Results of voting on the NLO Issues

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Nov 4 12:03:52 EST 1998

Larry Masinter just pointed out that we do not make "votes" in the IETF, 
so this is to correctly be labeled as a "poll".
Makes a lot of difference!


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It would help if you would call it a poll of the working group
for consensus instead of a "vote". And then it doesn't matter
so much if not everyone votes.


> The voting period for our NLO issues has just expired. There were fewer
> votes than I had expected, hope I did not miss anybody who
> actually sent in a vote. Among the votes we have so far, it seems that
> everybody are in favor of the proposed simplifications.
> A number of people who are known to have implementations, did not
> bother to vote. This is worrying.
> I know that some people are still waiting for the new test scripts to find
> out exactly how their implementation reacts.
> Let us discuss this again in tomorrow's phone conference.
> Here is the list so far:
> IPP Member	    NLO 2  NLO 3	NLO 4
> ==========      =====  =====  =====
> Bob Herriot			Y?	N?
> Ira McDonald		Y	Y
> Michael Sweet	Y	Y	Y
> Hugo Parra				Y
> Stuart Rowley		Y	Y
> Stephanie Suzuki	Y	Y	Y
> Ron Bergman	      Y	Y	Y
> Henrik Holst			Y
> Maulik Desai	Y	Y	Y
> Yuji Sasaki				Y
> Brian Glass		Y
> Peter Michalek	Y	Y	Y
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