IPP> Re: SLP Printer Service Template

IPP> Re: SLP Printer Service Template

IPP> Re: SLP Printer Service Template

Erik Guttman Erik.Guttman at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 5 14:18:38 EST 1998

Ira Mcdonald x10962 wrote:
> Hi Angelo,
> The underlying IPP Printer object attributes 'printer-uri-supported'
> and 'uri-security-supported' are (and MUST be) ordered lists.
> If SLP purists insist that we can have no ordered lists as
> values of a 'printer:' attribute, then we have a serious problem.
> Separately, I think it would be FAR better to have a
> 'pages-per-minute-mono' and
> 'pages-per-minute-color'
> attributes in the 'printer:' template (perhaps with the
> monochrome attribute being Mandatory and the color one
> Optional?).
> Cheers,
> - Ira McDonald
>   High North Inc
>   906-494-2434

There is no problem creating ordered lists as values for SLP.
You can't use ',' to delimit them, though.  You create a syntax
for the lists to delimit the values which is distinct from SLP.
For instance, you could use ';' as the delimiter.


In this example, pages-per-minute has two values from an SLP
perspective "mono;10" and "color;1".  You could parse this at
the client side to be two values which have 'two fields' apiece.
Parsing them out, you know that the printer has a speed of 10 for 
mono and 1 for color, etc.  There is nothing in SLP or the template
specs to stop you from adding semantics (ordering, etc.) to the
string attribute values.


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