IPP> MOD - Tucson discussion: Client-side ONLY 'ipp:' scheme

IPP> MOD - Tucson discussion: Client-side ONLY 'ipp:' scheme

IPP> MOD - Tucson discussion: Client-side ONLY 'ipp:' scheme

Robert Herriot robert.herriot at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Nov 6 23:07:42 EST 1998

We have discussed changing our current draft on the ipp scheme and security
so that it reflects the ideas that Ira presented in a recent email.  We need to
complete this discussion at next week's Tucson meeting.

The essence of his idea is that the ipp scheme needs to exist only in those 
contexts outside of IPP software.  In the context of an IPP server or an IPP 
client, an http scheme in the printer-uri and job-uri attributes is clearly 
referencing an IPP printer.  The ipp scheme is redundant and thus 
unnecessary.  In the context of a directory service or of an end user 
writing a URL, the ipp scheme becomes necessary in order to specify that the 
URL is related to printing.

The email that I sent a few minutes ago entitled "RE: IPP> Re: SLP Printer 
Service Template" contains ideas related to this discussion.

Bob Herriot

I have enclosed Ira's proposal below.

>Here's a proposal for a minor change to future IPP clients and servers.
>This proposal REMOVES ALL redundant security or other parameter(s) in
>the 'ipp:' scheme.  The simple premise is that a client who wants to use
>secure printers MUST be installed in a network with directory services.
>1)  All IPP Clients (in the future):
>    a) SHALL accept 'ipp:' scheme printer URL from end-users;
>    b) SHALL display 'ipp:' scheme printer URL to end-users;
>    c) SHALL translate 'ipp:' URL to 'http:' for use in HTTP headers;
>    d) SHALL translate 'ipp:' URL to 'http:' for all IPP attributes in
>    'application/ipp' MIME bodies (ie, IPP requests or responses).
>2)  Secure IPP Clients (in the future):
>    a) SHALL lookup IPP printer URL via the 'ipp:' scheme in SLP, LDAP,
>    or other directory service, before accessing the IPP printer;
>    b) SHALL read 'printer-uri-supported' and 'uri-security-supported'
>    IPP Printer object attributes from the directory service to discover
>    security info (eg, using the SLPv2 'printer:' template).
>3)  All IPP Printers (in the future):
>    a) SHALL put 'printer-uri-supported' and 'uri-security-supported' in
>    ALL of their directory service registrations (current requirement).
>    b) SHALL advertise ONLY 'ipp:' scheme URL in directory services
>    (new requirement).

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