IPP> TES Minute from Tucson and a bake-off question

IPP> TES Minute from Tucson and a bake-off question

IPP> TES Minute from Tucson and a bake-off question

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at usa.xerox.com
Thu Nov 19 14:51:02 EST 1998

Here is a summary of the discussion for another IPP Bake-off
		IPP Bake-off 2
	Interoperability verification
	Identify issues for implementers guide
	(tentative) March 9-12
	March 8 facilities setup
	March 9 participant setup
	March 10-12 testing (details TBD)
	March 12 teardown
Host:	TBD (Zehler & Parra assigned)
Based on:
	November 16 document suites(submitted to IETF)
Proposed Content:
	(prioritized list to be submitted to DL by Zehler)
		SSL, Digest, Basic
	Real World Scenarios
		Firewalls, Proxies
		Contention Resolution
		Error conditions
			Range Boundaries
		Larger Jobs
		Optional Operations/Attributes
			Multiple documents, Print-Uri, Set 1

		Extended Character sets
			Japanese, European
Plans to be finalized prior to January IPP meeting.
Test plans/scripts available mid February

I have had some conversations with several individuals about baking-off.  
I will work out the prioritization of bake-off contents and work on a test
to cover the content.  However in my opinion the next bake-off should be 
less dependent on scripted test suites.  The reasoning behind this is that
IPP test suites should be used to test an implementation conformance to the 
IPP specification.  They should test all the bloody details and insure a
implementation.  The bake-off however should be checking how IPP products 
interact.  I would rather leave the test suites development to organizations
will profit from the effort required.
We have 2 test suites currently available.  They were made available with
understanding that anyone that develops additional scripts will post them.
I have
yet to see any scripts developed by anyone other than the developers of the
I assume we can handle most of the Bake-Off 2 tests procedurally.  If we
scripts developed who will be on the hook to develop and debug them before


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