IPP> MOD - Ok to add 'image/tiff' and 'application/pdf' to IP P/1.1 Model document format list?

IPP> MOD - Ok to add 'image/tiff' and 'application/pdf' to IP P/1.1 Model document format list?

IPP> MOD - Ok to add 'image/tiff' and 'application/pdf' to IP P/1.1 Model document format list?

Ron Bergman rbergma at dpc.com
Wed Feb 17 17:49:54 EST 1999

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Hastings, Tom N wrote:

> Does the submitter (client software) have to identify the profile being used
> in what is being submitted to the IPP Printer, or is it sufficient for the
> IPP Printer to indicate the profile or profiles that it will accept and
> image correctly for documents submitted with the document-format attribute
> indicating 'image/tiff'?  If the latter is sufficient, we could just add a
> Printer Description attribute, say, tiff-profiles-supported, in which the
> printer lists the tiff profiles that it supports.  Such an attribute would
> not be submitted with the document, but would be queriable using
> Get-Printer-Attributes.
> If the submitter has to identify the profile being passed, then we would
> need to add a new Job Template attribute (or may a new Operation attribute?)
> that indicates the "tiff-profile" being submitted.  This attribute would
> only be submitted when the "document-format" attribute also being submitted
> was 'image/tiff'.
> Comments?
> Tom

For printer capability discovery:
I support just "image/tiff" for the "document-format-supported" attribute 
and then include "tiff-profiles-supported" as an additional attribute.
"image/tiff" indicates that at least profile S is supported and if this is
satisfactory, the client has all the information necessary.  If the client
wishes to use a more advanced profile of TIFF, either two requests can be
submitted or he can request both attributes in one request.

For job submission:

Do we need to treat job submission for TIFF any differently than other
PDLs?  For PCL, a version number of PCL is not included as an Operation or
Job Template attribute.  This situation with TIFF should be treated as if
this was a real fax.  That is, the client should only send a TIFF profile
that it is sure the target printer will properly process.  If the client
has the ability to discover the supported profiles, it should not be
needed to be supplied in the job submission.

	Ron Bergman
	Dataproducts Corp.

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