IPP> ADM - Last Call for IPP/1.1 documents

IPP> ADM - Last Call for IPP/1.1 documents

IPP> ADM - Last Call for IPP/1.1 documents

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Tue Mar 16 14:39:42 EST 1999

Ira MacDonald said:

>There's a certain flexibility with the truth in your reply to Carl-Uno
>(excerpted below).  That remark about one company that Carl-Uno was
>upset about WAS in your (Don's) note last Thursday (March 11 1999),
>also excerpted below.

My English parser says there is a difference between:

"...only one company wants to have Standards Track documents ..."


"...some companies have a misguided belief that everything must be standards
track before they implement it..."

We all WANT a standards track document.  Very few of us REQUIRE it before

I don't seem to remember any discusion of PWG versus IETF?  Could you refresh

I did say:

1) ... that a company's requirement for standards track before implementation is
of NO concern to the IETF.  Please show me where the IETF's process disagrees
with my statement.

2) ... the IETF process does not require operational experience before going
standards track.  It also does not preclude it.  Please show me where I am wrong
on that.

I also don't remember any "name calling;" although that Carl-Uno guy is a real
party animal!!


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