IPP> ADM - New Pronunciation of IPP?

IPP> ADM - New Pronunciation of IPP?

IPP> ADM - New Pronunciation of IPP?

Richard Shockey rshockey at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 12 20:13:54 EDT 1999

At 04:37 PM 5/12/1999 -0700, Paul Moore wrote:
>and why not just email a .DOC file (yes, yes, I know - or a PDF file) and
>let the receiver do what they want with it (print it, edit it, store it,
>copy it, ...)

I can assure you that the last thing people want is to have lots of virus
plagued .DOC files going from network to network.. sorry. I am continually
made aware of major Fortune 500 companies that are blocking ALL MIME
attachments at the firewall. Larry's points are well taken which is why we
will eventually look into some of these issues in a QUALDOCS WG. Once 1.1
is finished up that work can proceed.

Reliable Document Transfer {aka fax like features} will need more that 1.1
can or should provide such as mutual exchange identification, Least Common
Denominators, Receipt Notification...full time/date logging etc. 

Do not underestimate the desire of end users to have reliable receipt
notification even in IPP. As long as it is permissiable to repudiate a DSN
or MDN message this requirement will continue to come up.

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