IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

harryl at us.ibm.com harryl at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 28 16:52:50 EDT 1999

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with all the issues in IM working group... I've
certainly heard the news about MSoft, Aol butting heads. The fact that shiny
standards are off on the horizon doesn't make the scenario any less applicable
for print job notifications. It was years before e-mail became fully
interoperable (is it?) yet it still drove an enormous amount of volume. Since
MSoft/Aol interop was actually demonstrated (for a day?) I suspect a very
workable protocol is quite attainable, if people really wanted one.

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems
harryl at us.ibm.com

Richard Shockey <rshockey at ix.netcom.com> on 07/28/99 02:18:02 PM

To:   Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS, ipp at pwg.org
Subject:  Re: IPP> Some Instant Messaging resources

>These are just a few. Maybe not even the best links.
>Point is... if you think e-mail has a place in print job notifications
>(I'm not
>saying it doesn't)... then you should agree that IM is even a more custom fit.
>Harry Lewis
>IBM Printing Systems
>harryl at us.ibm.com

Harry I'd agree but I monitor the IMPP WG on a daily basis and they are
IMHO at least 12-18 months or more away from any Standards Track
document.  They are still thrashing out their Goals and Requirements. All
the other solutions are proprietary. It seems to be a pretty hot topic
these days with the AOL/MS wars. Its a strong high volume list with major
participation by MS, Lotus, Bell Labs and several academic teams. They look
like they are going to be successful. This is clearly a WG to track.

My read of the Goals drafts indicates that there is nothing strange in the
proposal that would preclude the use of the protocol by devices etc, but
now is the time to get your 2 cents worth in.

On a side note I just got through thrashing a few of the IMPP participants
who were starting to suggest using HTTP as a transport layer  .. ( to
circumvent firewalls ).  A reminder of the IPP experience in this area
silenced them pretty quickly :-)

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