IPP> NOT - Issue 1 - Add Subscription object?

IPP> NOT - Issue 1 - Add Subscription object?

IPP> NOT - Issue 1 - Add Subscription object?

kugler at us.ibm.com kugler at us.ibm.com
Fri Jul 30 15:27:31 EDT 1999

 <37a19aa5.bdbf6e2- at easysw.com> wrote: 
> > we clean up subscriptions that are never associated with a job?
> First, subscriptions have a "lease" time, which means that after a
> certain amount of time the subscriptions are automatically expired
> (cancelled.)  Once a subscription is tied to a job, however, the
> subscription will remain alive until the job is cancelled or
> completed.

Can the lease be renewed? That would be a way to adress Tom's concern
below about connection closing in method 1:

>1.  Where the TCP/IP connection opened by the client, stays open after
>IPP operation response is returned.  Then the IPP Printer sends 
>notifications as additional responses to the client.  In this case,
>Notification Recipient is the requesting client.  
>2.  Where the IPP Printer acts as an HTTP client that opens a TCP/IP 
>channel to the Notification Recipient specified in the
>(1setOf uri)" operation attribute and the Notification Recipient acts
>an HTTP server.  The IPP Printer opens the channel when it has a 
>notification to deliver.  
>There was support for making method 1 REQUIRED, because it is so easy
>With either method, we need to define which end can close the connect
>what happens when the connection is closed in order to send more 
>notifications.  For example, the URL in the "notify-recipients" for
>1 is not needed, only the scheme.  However, perhaps the URL is still 
>needed for method 1 in case the connection is closed, so that the IPP 
>Printer could re-open the connection when it needs to deliver a 

If the lease expires and the connection closes, the client could make a
new request to renew the lease and continue to get notifications pushed
from the server.


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