IPP> Trying to compile a list...

IPP> Trying to compile a list...

IPP> Trying to compile a list...

Jay Martin jkm at underscore.com
Mon Sep 20 10:20:33 EDT 1999


As with many (most?) public mailing lists, it would be great if you
would post the results to this mailing list, as well as include it
in any product documentation you might have.

Thanks in advance,


Michael Sweet wrote:
> Hi, All!
> I'm trying to compile a list for our network interface appendix for
> ESP Print Pro.  Basically, I want to make a table showing whether or
> not specific interfaces and vendors are currently supporting the IPP,
> LPD, and AppSocket protocols, and what parameters are needed (e.g.
> URI, queue names, port numbers, etc.)  This table will also be
> included with the CUPS documentation to make life easier for
> everyone.
> So, if you get a few moments I would appreciate a quick email with
> any information that you have.
> Thanks!
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