IPP> Revised SLP 'printer:' template for comments

IPP> Revised SLP 'printer:' template for comments

IPP> Revised SLP 'printer:' template for comments

Ira McDonald imcdonal at sdsp.mc.xerox.com
Tue Jan 5 19:45:00 EST 1999

Hi Hugo,

I haven't read the rest of this interesting thread yet, but I wanted
to answer your question (to whit, is this a general 'printer:'
template or an IPP template?).  Notwithstanding James Kempf's
presentation in Tuscon, the word 'inherit' does NOT occur in
the current SLPv2 Schemes draft (xxx-13) and I see no provision
in SLPv2 for inheritance (and certainly not in SLPv1 either).

Almost ALL of the attributes in the current draft have been there
for two years, since Pete St. Pierre (principal author) put them
there - the 'printer:' abstract service template is meant to
encompass IPP and LPR (and other print protocols by future
extensions).  The fact that a given protocol doesn't 
support a given capabilities attribute (like 'media-supported')
in the in-band protocol is not relevant.  The abstract
print service can be expected to support a few common
capabilities attributes (there aren't very many Mandatory
attributes in the 'printer:' template).

No doubt the rest of this thread poses equally interesting
questions.  I'll read it before our IPP Telecon tomorrow
(10-12 PST / 1-3 EST).

- Ira McDonald (outside consultant at Xerox)
  High North Inc
  716-461-5667 (w/ voice mail)

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