IPP> SLP - Summary of next 'printer:' template proposal

IPP> SLP - Summary of next 'printer:' template proposal

IPP> SLP - Summary of next 'printer:' template proposal

erik guttman erik.guttman at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 19 17:23:15 EST 1999

> > b)  Also, SLP concrete URL are required to use IANA registered URL
> >     schemes.  Have you or someone registered 'raw-tcp:'?  The name is
> >     utterly opaque in the scheme space.  How does someone guess that
> >     'raw-tcp:' in a directory means *print* service?

It is *not* necessary that the concrete service types be registered with
IANA to be registered in a service template.  It is necessary to cite an
available protocol specification, however.  The intention is to allow people
to register templates for services which do not necessarily have RFCs
published about them.

> In my mind, the complete URL advertised would be
> 'service:printer:raw-tcp://nn.nn.nn.nn'. In this case it is clear
> that the service is a printer. The 'service:' part indicates that
> this is a service: URL from which information may be obtained
> sufficient for accessing the printer.

If you are looking for a service:printer:raw-tcp service (which 
supports certain attributes), you will do so as you know how to drive
it.  That seems like a circular argument - showing there is no ambiguity
if you are looking for something which is not highly constrained.  But
the problem is constrainable if the other attributes registered with the
raw-tcp print server specify the specifics of the raw-tcp service (concrete
protocol, device id, etc.). 


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