IPP> HI-FI DOCS Charter and Agenda [was IPP2IFAX]

IPP> HI-FI DOCS Charter and Agenda [was IPP2IFAX]

IPP> HI-FI DOCS Charter and Agenda [was IPP2IFAX]

Richard Shockey rshockey at ix.netcom.com
Tue Mar 9 14:11:29 EST 1999

I've taken a stab here at a revised charter and agenda for the BOF Next
week in Minneapolis.

The revisions are based on suggestions from some of you as well as our AD.

Please inform me ASAP of any revisions, comments or agenda items that need
to be included. 

Sorry about the short time frame, but I was in transit all of last week.


Agenda for IPP2IFAX, now HI-FI DOCS [TBD]

44 IETF Minneapolis MN

Tuesday March 16, 1999

9:00-10:00 AM  -  Rochester 

Bash the Agenda 10 min

Reason for name change 5 min

Reason for Work Group  5 min

Proposed charter 10 min

Drafts: 10 min


Open floor for discussion.


Proposed Charter:

Was IPP2IFAX ­ To Be Determined - High Integrity 
Document Distribution  (HI-FI DOCS)

Chair(s):   Richard Shockey  
<rshockey at ix.netcom.com>  [PROPOSED]
 Applications Area Director(s):
	Keith Moore  	<moore+iesg at cs.utk.edu>
     	Patrik Fältström 	<paf at swip.net>

 Area Advisor
   	Keith Moore  <moore+iesg at cs.utk.edu>

 Mailing lists:
     	General Discussion:	ifx at pwg.org
To Subscribe:

majordomo at pwg.org

        	In Body: subscribe ifx  [your-email-address]

	The subject line should be blank	


Description of Working Group:

The transmission and reception of non-alterable 
documents is an essential communications medium.

Several protocols and services have been 
developed over the years to facilitate document 
transmission, including the GSTN Fax service [ITU -
T.30].  Within the IETF several protocols have been 
developed that facilitate document transmission, 
including RFC2305 [Store and Forward Internet Fax] 
and the Internet Print Protocol [IPP].

Each of these services has one or more severe 
limitations or restrictions that may not be suitable for 
all document transmissions.

Among those limitations that could be applied to one 
or more of the above services:

1. Limitations on Quality (resolution or color 
2. Ability to repudiate request for receipt 
confirmation (MDN ­ DSN)
3. Lack of clear and unambiguous identification of 
sender or recipient
4. Lack of ability to monitor progress of document 
transmission in real time
5. Inability to establish reliable knowledge or 
negotiation of recipient capabilities
6. Inability to satisfy legal as well as general 
custom and practice for document transmission 
technologies. (Typically these are applied to 
7. Least Common Denominators for Document
8. Inability to establish security and confidentiality 
of document transmission

The purpose of the work group will be to investigate 
current work within the IETF and identify protocols, 
procedures and policies that can satisfy the 
requirements for document transmission with 
a high degree of fidelity and reliability.

It is believed that elements of the Internet Print 
Protocol 1.1, if extended and amended may 
overcome many if not most of the limitations 
described above. Work would define an appropriate 
“super set” of existing IPP 1.1 functionality to satisfy
these requirements.

The work group may consider attribute extensions 
and additional service requirements to IPP 1.1 that 
would permit IPP to intreoperate with other 
document transmission services such as RFC2305 
[Fax over SMTP] and traditional T.30 fax on the 

The WG will not propose any revisions or extensions 
to IETF Internet Fax standards [RFC2305] and its 

The group will take note of other areas within the 
IETF that may have direct bearing on reliable 
document delivery.

Relevant areas include:  

- Security, Authentication and Encryption (SSL3 -
- Sender Identification (vCard)
- RFC2301 File Formats
- Digital Signatures and Certificates
- Third Party Receipt Confirmation

The working group will coordinate its activities with 
the Internet Print Protocol working group [IPP] and 
the Internet Fax working group [FAX] as well other 
document transmission related standards bodies 
and related work groups, notably the ITU-T Study 
Group 8.   

Goals and Milestones:  
May  1999 : Submit Internet Draft of Goals and 
Requirements for High Reliability Document 

August  1999 : Submit Internet Draft for IPP High 
Reliability Document Mode

September  1999 : Submit Internet Draft of Reliable 
Gateway Services between IPP, SMTP and GSTN 

Richard Shockey
Shockey Consulting LLC                  
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St. Louis, MO 63119
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