IPP> V1.1 Last Call

IPP> V1.1 Last Call

IPP> V1.1 Last Call

don at lexmark.com don at lexmark.com
Thu Mar 11 21:10:54 EST 1999

Richard Shockey said:

>Don .. In your estimation what needs to be done to IPP?

I don't have a list of what needs to be done.  My crystal ball is cloudy

>All I can say it that the IPP WG should make no decisions on the protocol
>based on what may or may not happen with HI-FI DOCS.  It is a BOF, an idea.
>We have already had one tif over TIFF on this list and I see no reason to
>repeat that.

Not my intent.

>If you believe that a couple of more months are necessary to review, for
>instance , the 2nd bake off results then that seems a reasonable position,
>but Larry Masinter is correct.  IPP has had a lot of work invested in it
>and sometimes its time to take to protocol to market. It has been my
>experience that most vendors are highly reluctant to ship product in the
>absence of Draft Standard status. We have certainly seen that in the FAX WG.

Review and a little operational experience are all I am suggesting.  One and
only one company in the IPP group has expressed ANY reservation about
implementing an "Experimental" or "Informational" IPP specification.

>Some things can be over-engineered and lord knows some IETF WG's seem to go
>on forever.

I propose no changes, no overengineering.  I just want a few months to make sure
we've done a good job and we haven't boxed ourselves into a corner

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