IPP> RE: [Question] IPP vs. Web Printing

IPP> RE: [Question] IPP vs. Web Printing

IPP> RE: [Question] IPP vs. Web Printing

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Mar 15 21:46:21 EST 1999

the short answer is that IPP is a solution developed jointly by a number of
companies to become an international Internet standard, while the Adobe
solution is proprietary. You can find pointers to all the IPP documents
from our web site at:
    http: //www.pwg.org/ipp <file://www.pwg.org/ipp> 
To the extent there is available documentation on the Adobe solution look
up their web site at:
    http: //www.adobe.com <file://www.adobe.com> 
When it comes to comparisons, you are on your own.
The Printer Working Group and Novell hosted an IPP interoperability event
last week with 24 companies participating, Adobe was not among the
companies participating.

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Subject: [Question] IPP vs. Web Printing


I want to know the difference between the IPP technology and Adobe's
WebReady Printing (or any Web Printing)  technology.

And I am curious to know the difference between the IPP Printer and the Web
Printer, too. 

If you can give related informations(paper, Internet draft, Web site, or
any data) to me, 
please send me reply. 

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