IPP> MOD - Issue 2 - Challenge

IPP> MOD - Issue 2 - Challenge

IPP> MOD - Issue 2 - Challenge

Scott Lawrence lawrence at agranat.com
Tue Mar 30 16:53:33 EST 1999

> I have been pondering about whether we are trying to make life a
> little too
> difficult for ourselves when we look for a solution to this
> issue.

I'd say that was nicely understated.

> Why don't we mandate in IPP/1.1 that IPP printers ALWAYS send a challenge
> for Digest Authentication?

I'm not clear on why this is an issue; as I see it there are two cases:

- Print Service wants authentication.
  The server has all it needs to enforce that today in the HTTP layer.

- User wants authentication.
  All that the user needs for this is an indication from the user agent
  that a particular operation is or is not authenticated, and perhaps some
  UI mechanism to indicate that it should not be performed without

Note that I said 'Print Service' and 'User', _not_ 'Server' and 'Client (or
User Agent)'.  Software doesn't make these decisions, people do.  Print
services in some environments will be wide open; anyone who can get the
packets there has a right to print.  Others will require authentication to
support accounting or access control.  Some users will want to know that
they are properly authenticated, or that the print service is authenticated
(digest is symmetric).

If IPP needs anything at all, it needs only a recommendation that the User
have an indication and/or option to require authentication.  If the service
doesn't offer it, then the user can find a service that does.

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