IPP> MOD - Latest Model (990409) .pdf version posted

IPP> MOD - Latest Model (990409) .pdf version posted

IPP> MOD - Latest Model (990409) .pdf version posted

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Mon Apr 12 01:28:08 EDT 1999

Here is the .pdf file that goes with the .doc file that Bob posted on

These versions reflect the email discussion and last three telecons on
resolving the issues that were raised at the Bake Off 2.  There are still
some open issues which we will continue discussing on the mailing list and
at the upcoming IETF IPP WG meeting, Wed-Thur, April 14-15 in New Orleans.

The updated IPP/1.1 Model and Semantics document is available with revision
marks at:


with the proposed resolutions to the issues from the Bake Off 2. The
revision marks show the changes from the 17 February version 1.1
Internet-Draft, not the November 1.0 version.  The .txt version does not
have an revision marks.

This is an intermediate draft.  We will be reviewing it on the distribution
list and at the New Orleans meeting next week.  The next Internet-Draft will
be sent after the Last Call period ends at the end of April.

The change history and Differences from IPP/1.0 have not yet been updated.

Also we have not attempted to include the IPP/1.0 text, so that the IPP/1.1
document defined both IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1 as agreed at the IETF meeting in

All issues 1-33 have proposed text except the following still OPEN issues:

 2)  ISSUE:  How can client force identified (authenticated) mode?
17)  ISSUE:  Client display of absolute time for job attributes?
30)  ISSUE:  Should "job-state-reasons" and "printer-state-reasons" be
in IPP/1.1?
31)  ISSUE:  How indicate a ripped job that is waiting for the marker?
32)  ISSUE:  Is Digest REQUIRED for an IPP client and an IPP Printer to
     Resolution would be put in Encoding and Transport document
33)  ISSUE:  Ok to include the IPP/1.0 conformance requirements in the
IPP/1.1 document?

The following proposed issue resolutions only affect the Implementer's
Guide; they do not affect the Model and Semantics document:

 7)  ISSUE:  Please implement Manufacturer make and model printer attribute
and send the .INF file model name of the printer.
10)  ISSUE:  How distinguish between submit vs processing auto-sense?
16)  ISSUE:  Get-Printer-Attributes Polling
22)  ISSUE:  Status code on variable-length attributes that are 'too short'


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