IPP> Add IPP attributes to facilitate better job monitoring?

IPP> Add IPP attributes to facilitate better job monitoring?

IPP> Add IPP attributes to facilitate better job monitoring?

henrik.holst at i-data.com henrik.holst at i-data.com
Wed May 5 03:42:56 EDT 1999

Instead of adding more and more new attributes which are contained in the
job and printer mib, why
not go on with the proposal 'IPP Device Object and MIB access'.


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Subject:  RE: IPP> Add IPP attributes to facilitate better job monitoring?

I agree with this.
impressionsInterpreted is related to Issue #31 where the printer has a
separate RIP processor.  Since it may take a significant amount of time to
RIP a complex document, this value is necessary if users are to have any
idea as when a job might be finished.

I notice that there does not seem any way to specify collation in IPP-MOD.
It is mentioned in the context of multiple documents, but not for multiple
copies of single documents.  This is important, since many printers cannot
collate at all, while others are restricted by the number of output trays.
Printers with a separate RIP can collate any number of copies.

job-collation ought to be a job template attribute, so that the printer can
specify whether it supports collation, and the maximum number of copies it
can collate.  Certain jobs ought not to be collated, even if the printer
do so.

At present the user has no idea whether a job of 500 copies will be
or not.

Anthony Porter

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Subject: IPP> Add IPP attributes to facilitate better job monitoring?

Here at IBM we have implemented a job monitoring application that uses the
job MIB.  In looking at IPP to see if we could do the same monitoring using
IPP instead, I noticed that there are many attributes that are defined in
the job MIB that aren't defined in IPP.  We have found using our monitoring
application that some of these missing attributes are important to be able
to do accurate job monitoring.

Therefore, my question is whether the IPP group should consider adding some
attributes to facilitate better job monitoring.

Specifically, the job MIB attributes that are missing and that I think are
Numbers 1-3 are needed to present detailed information on job status when
the job contains multiple copies--for example, "Printed page 3 of 5, copy 2
of 3".  Number 4 is not absolutely essential, but we have found that it is
often helpful in unusual situations.

It is possible that there are other missing attributes that are
"important"--I'll let others bring those up if they feel the need.

In doing this effort, I found Tom Hastings' document ietf-ipp.pdf on the
pwg ftp site, which compares the list of attributes defined for the job MIB
with the list of attributes defined for IPP.  Because the document was
out-of-date, I updated it and will be publishing the update to the ftp site
shortly.  Harry Lewis is going to bring copies of the current state of the
updated document to New Orleans.

Dennis Carney
IBM Printing Systems Company

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