IPP> RE: question about "ipp-implementers-guide-990212" document

IPP> RE: question about "ipp-implementers-guide-990212" document

IPP> RE: question about "ipp-implementers-guide-990212" document

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed May 19 11:43:57 EDT 1999

yes, there are 17 occurrences of the status code with the incorrect name in
section 2.2.1:


It should be:


I'll fix them in the IPP/1.1 Implementer's Guide.

Also I'll fix it working with the RFC Editor on the IPP/1.0 IIG that has
been approved to go out as an Information RFC.

If anyone finds any other errors in the IIG, please send them to me or the
mailing list.


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Subject: question about "ipp-implementers-guide-990212" document

Hi, Tom.

I discovered one confusing status code while I have read above document.
>From section (accurately page 18 on .pdf form), there are used
'client-error-request-bad-request' status code but it is not included
Client Error Stauts Codes in [IPP-MOD] Section 14.1.4. There is just
Is it right?


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